Ninja Gaiden

The gameplay is fast and furious, but very bloody. For mature gamers only.
Colonel Link - Staff Reviewer

Content at a glance:

Violence: There is always at least some blood, and if enemies are beheaded blood will shoot from their necks. Enemies disappear is a mist of blood. Non-human enemies have multi-colored blood.

Sexual Content: 2 of the female characters wear extremely revealing clothes.

Spiritual Issues: You can use magic attacks, but these really only consist of shooting fireballs.

“Ninja Gaiden originally debuted as a great two-player arcade beat-’em-up back in 1988. But the Nintendo Entertainment System version, which was released about a year later, was completely different–and was even better. It was a very challenging action game in which you’d fight your way through many diverse stages and tough bosses while playing as the vengeful young ninja Ryu Hayabusa…”

The game begins with you, Ryu Hayabusa, fighting your way through a ninja fortress. When you reach the top, you see flames rising from the Hayabusa village. You get there in time to see the evil Doku stealing the Dark Dragon Blade, and he easily cuts you down. Now you must embark on a quest for revenge, and to recover the Dark Dragon Blade, before it’s evil power corrupts the world.

A Christian’s first objection might be the obvious emphasis on revenge. However, as you will soon realize, you don’t end up focusing much on the very simple story, and you never get the feeling that revenge is what is driving you.

Ninja Gaiden

Somewhere in between “Extreme” and “Heavy”, but leaning more towards extreme. The first enemies you will face are humans (ninjas and soldiers). These present the most violent sequences in the game. You can decapitate them, which will send their head flying and blood will spew from the neck. Or, you can just whack them with your sword until they fall over, and disappear in a “mist” of blood. Luckily, you will stop having to fight humans after a bit, and the action will turn towards “fiends”. These new enemies come in different shapes and sizes, but for the most part look like very strange animals with big claws. They have yellow and green blood, and although decapitation is still an option, the violence is a lot less extreme than when fighting humans.

Language: None

Adult/Sexual Content: One of the main characters, Rachel, wears some very revealing clothes. Luckily, she isn’t in very much of the game, and is usually only in cutscenes. One of the bosses, “Alma” (sometimes called NC-17 boss) also wears very revealing clothes.

Spiritual Content: Ryu can use magic (called “ninpo”), but it consists of nothing other than summoning balls of fire, electricity, or ice. The “fiends” come from the Fiend Realm, which is a sort of parallel to hell. The last battle takes place in the “underworld”.

Graphics: Simply amazing. Water looks like water, areas are very detailed, lighting is great. Although by today’s standards, the graphics are dated.

Ninja Gaiden

Difficulty: This has often been called the hardest game ever made, and I have to agree. I spent a good 50 hours and 3 months trying to beat it on normal, but only 30 of those hours were “successful”.

Positive Content: Ryu risks his life many times to save Rachel. You are trying to save the world from certain destruction. *Possible Spoilers:* Ryu chooses to destroy the Dark Dragon Blade instead of taking it’s power for himself.

Taken from Gamespot: “Not only does Ninja Gaiden feature bleeding-edge graphics and sound, it boasts simply the best pure action ever seen in such a game.”

Due to all the violence and the very reveling clothing that Rachel wears I don’t think I can recommend this game to anyone under 16.

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