The Conduit

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Blood, Mild Language, Violence This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a secret agent who must battle an invading alien force. Players can target and kill alien invaders as well as human enemies by using a variety of shotguns, machine guns, rifles, and alien weaponry. Realistic gunfire and cries of pain are heard during combat, and a tally of alien headshots is displayed at the end of each stage. While there are no headshot animations for the human enemies, puffs of red blood emit from their bodies when they are shot. Orange substances spurt out of the injured aliens. Some expletives (e.g., "hell" and "damn") can be heard in the dialogue.

After a full-scale alien attack on Washington D.C., suspicions arise as to the involvement of the U.S. government. Armed with sci-fi gadgets and high-powered weapons, players will battle aliens, rouge agents and enemy forces as a former secret service agent codenamed “Mr. Ford.”

Built exclusively for Wii, The Conduit pushes the boundaries of the platform from incredible award-winning graphics to robust controls that are customizable on-the-fly. This action-packed, first-person shooter from the creators at High Voltage Software also supports the Wii Speak peripheral.



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